I am an imperfect, adoptive Mom. My two ‘twenty something’ sons are young men in the early, independent and career stages of life. As an adoptive mom and a successful career professional, I know the interesting challenges and opportunities of life in both arenas. Successful families, especially adoptive families, take great personal strength, preparation, collaboration and faith to see through.

Parenting is wonderful and heart rendering at the same time. Parenting through adoption takes that another level deeper. The realities of parenting and adoption are much more than the storybook images most people see. It is a love story for sure, but not one without mountain top highs and deep valley lows. Earlier on, I searched for a coach prepared to help me move forward, to get unstuck. Finding none, I became one.

My experiences led me to become a certified coach and advocate for courageous adoption and parenting. Coaching and advocacy are my full time gig and I love it.

Adoption is a deeply human experience, full of love but not for the faint of heart. It is at times tough and emotional for all who are part of the adoption arena/triad. The deep joy of adoption begins first with the deep reality of loss. Adoptees, adoptive parents and birth parents know first hand what both joy and loss mean to them. Kaye O’Neal Coaching was founded to help adoptees and parents move through the tough spots and sustain long term family relationships.

BTW – Coaching helps parents who built their family biologically do the same thing.

Many available adoption resources understand the impact of abandonment and loss only from an intellectual place. I’ve learned that unless you are intimately involved in the adoption arena, you don’t fully get it. You may not understand emotionally and intellectually. That’s what I bring to my clients. I coach from a place of understanding. I get it.

There are many resources available to aid adoptive parents through the tactical steps of adoption. That is not the value I add. As a life and leadership Coach, I help parents and others in the adoption arena prepare, understand, find peace in, and build strong family relationships over time.

On a personal note, I believe in ‘whole life living’. During my free time you will find me hiking, swimming, reading, hanging out with family and friends, gardening, photographing and coaching …. not necessarily in that order.